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Celebrating 20 Yrs of Peace4Kids!

Jacob Stein

jacob stein

These are some of my best friends. Some are 16. Some are 60! They're the ones I choose to spend my weekends with. The ones that call to make plans. The ones who've been there when I needed them most!

This photo, from the night of my screening, is a reminder of the love and support I consistently receive from this beautiful family!

Thanks to your generous donations 2 years ago (when the kids chopped-off my beard & hair) we launched our monthly Family Dinners...which are still going strong!!

The thing is, we kinda opened pandoras box and quickly realized how much additional support these young folks transitioning out of care truly need - remember when you were 18-24?!? From graduating high school, to college visits/applications, from work force development to securing stable housing. There's lots to navigate, all while "aging out" of a system that once provided your essential life needs.

So - this year, for our 20 year anniversary, I'm excited to share that we are expanding our services to better support youth 18-24!! We've secured 50% of the necessary funding for the expansion through monthly recurring donations (folks in our #HeroesCircle). If you're interested in joining, hit me up or follow this link: peace4kids.org/recurring_donation

OR - to make a one time donation, click the amount ------>

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! - Jacob



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