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I'm running 200 miles to raise funds for Peace4Kids!

Boris Zalder

Boris Zalder

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

I feel so grateful to spend time with so many amazing and talented youth at Peace4Kids each Saturday. Whether I'm leading a Gardening or Arts + Crafts class, I can't help but feel inspired by their creativity and energy.

The "Santa Beard" is a story I'll share later, but there's nothing like representing Mr. Claus for Peace4Kids each Holiday.

This is where you come in. Sketch pads, paints, garden vegetables or healthy meals for hundreds of kids, your donation funds strength based programming for youth in foster care in South LA - where each youth’s unique needs, experiences, abilities and legacy are celebrated.

Together we can make a difference. Thank you! - Boris



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Great job Boris - glad to help get you closer to your goal. Keep it up!
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Almost there!!!
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