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My Birthday Tough Mudder Wish for Peace4Kids!

Diane Martell

Diane Martell

It’s not the cake. Or the gifts. What would truly brighten my birthday is your support of Peace4Kids and the youth I care so deeply about. Your donation will directly fund opportunities for youth in foster care transitioning into adulthood in South Los Angeles.

For the past 10 years I’ve discovered much about the power of human connections as a member of the Peace4Kids tribe. As a Mentor | Mama | Big Sis, it has been amazing to encourage, play, create, be joyful, teach, be mindful, discover, shed tears, go camping, learn to swim, celebrate milestones – and hold safe hundreds of youth in a space that inspires growth and healing.

I count the profound personal impact and reciprocal healing as a most cherished blessing.

To continue my birthday celebration, on Nov 4th I’m joining P4K Team #SeeTheHero in a Tough Mudder challenge! Our goal: Conquer 20 obstacles [British Special Forces!] to celebrate the 20 years that Peace4Kids has been providing genuinely connective “Community As Family” for youth in foster care.

Thank you so, so much. Your gift is a valuable reminder that foster care doesn’t have to be an invitation for failure but rather an opportunity to discover the power of community.

Much love ~Diane



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Happy belated birthday Diane!
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Aloha Diane, Good luck and enjoy the challenge. Al
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Go get 'em, Mouse! Hugs!
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