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Supporting the 'Halo of Love'

Inga Cadranel

Inga Cadranel

The youth of Peace4Kids have made a big impact on my life - thank you for helping me make a difference in theirs!

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love kids. I grew up in Bain Co-op, a government funded community in East Downtown Toronto. Even as a teen, I wanted to be there for all of the kids in our community. They mattered above all else.

My journey has been filled with discovery, trials, tribulation and healing. The birth of my first child helped me be present in my own life, evolving into the kind of mother I wanted to be. 4 years ago, I moved to LA, holding dear all of the love in my heart for my friends, family and community in Toronto. Their inspirational 'Halo of Love' led me to Peace4Kids.

The beautiful connections I’ve made at Peace4Kids have been life changing. I lean on my life learnings as a roadmap in how to be present, supportive and bring joy to kids who mean so much to me. To be rewarded with smiles, growth, the magic of watching spiritual and personal breakthroughs and having a safe kid’s space is inspiring.

On Nov 4th I’m joining P4K Team #SeeTheHero in a Tough Mudder challenge! Our goal: Conquer 20 obstacles [British Special Forces!] to celebrate the 20 years that Peace4Kids has been providing genuinely connective “Community As Family” for youth in foster care.

Your support on this journey means the world to me. Your gift will directly fund opportunities for youth in foster care transitioning into adulthood in South Los Angeles.

I feel lucky. I feel blessed. It's life. It's my extended 'Halo of Love'. It's Peace4Kids.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! - Inga



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We love what you are doing for kids and support you 100%!
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Good luck!
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Inga....good luck and keep spreading the joy!
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