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Lauren Mabuni

Lauren Mabuni

About four years ago, I joined an amazing family here in Los Angeles when I found Peace4Kids. Since then, I've had the privilege of spending most Saturday mornings with 4-year-olds, 14-year-olds, and adults alike who inspire me to laugh a little more freely, speak a little more honestly, and love a little more deeply. These generous, empathetic, and brilliant youth have made a big impact in my life and you can help make an impact in theirs too!

This Sunday, I'll be joining other volunteers and staff as Peace4Kids celebrates 20 years of serving youth in foster care by conquering 20 obstacles and running 10 miles in the Tough Mudder race. This fundraising page is a place for you to join in our celebration if you feel so led! Your donation will directly fund group mentoring opportunities for youth in foster care in South LA. Peace4Kids' "Community as Family" approach inspires healing and provides space for youth in care to discover their unique strengths and abilities. You can find out more at Peace4Kids.org

Thank you for being a part of my community as family. :)



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1. ETEric Teeples
I’m feel honored to have had the chance to learn about this program through some of the cutest stories. The time spent with kids truly does make an impact! Peace4Kids is such an amazing opportunity to serve kids locally!!
2. LMLisa Mabuni
3. ?Anonymous
I can tell how special these kids are by the way you talk about them. Many of them will do amazing things soon and they'll have you as a big role model to thank!
4. ?Anonymous
We're happy to support you...
5. AHAnne Holston
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